How to Green Screen Your Branded Videos in iMovie

If you’re new to iMovie, you might not know how to work with a green screen. Not to worry, we break it down step-by-step to make it easy to create for all your branded videos in iMovie!

Setting Up the Background Image

First, open a new movie project and get your timeline ready. Then, drag the background clip down to the timeline.


Now you’ll notice that our photo has a little zoom effect.  


To turn that off, make sure the clip is highlighted and click on the adjust button. Make sure the little cropping tool is also highlighted and turned on. 

Click on the “Ken Burns” button to turn it off. Finally, click on the fit button, and it will bring in our image. 


We also want to make sure to check the mark here:


Now you will notice that there is no zooming going on in our image.


Adding the Green Screen Footage

Next, we’re going to click on our green screen footage and drag about five seconds or so of footage down towards the timeline. 


Make sure to put it at the beginning of the timeline. 


Then, take the still image and drag it out to approximately the same length as our green screen footage. 


Putting it all Together

The real magic happens when we click on the green screen footage and go up to the adjustment area. 

Instead of the video overlay being set to cutaway, we’re going to choose green/blue screen.


We click on that option and just like magic, our green screen disappears and I am now in a totally different place. 


If we play the branded video from the beginning you’ll see that I’m standing in front of a giant studio and waving to you.


That’s how you create green screen effects for your branded video in iMovie. It can used for any types of video like case study video interviews, youtube content or even 


 What did you think? Easy enough to follow? Let us know in the comments below.

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