How to Blend Music in iMovie

Blending music and sound effects in iMovie can definitely get a little tricky.
Here is a tutorial on how to make this process super easy and very helpful!
You will be amazed at how simple the process is and can be for all of your future video projects you create using iMovie!

1. Splitting the Clips

This will work with multiple songs or different parts of the same track.

  • First, we’ll select a portion of your song and split it (Photo #1).
  • Next, take another audio track, have it right next to the first track, and split that one as well (Photo #2).
(Photo #1)
(Photo #2)

2. Blending your Clips

  • Now that you have two clips, you can hover over the top of one of your clips and you’ll see this green dot appear (Photo #3).
  • If you drag it, it will get increasingly tapered.
(Photo #3)
  • Look towards the right of the first clip and you’ll see a darker overlay over the top of it.
  • Drag this darker overlay to the left (Photo #4).
(Photo #4)
  • Next, take the second clip and overlay it on the other one (Photo #5).
Photo #5)
  • You are now able to play it the audio track and see if it all blends together (Photo #6).
(Photo #6)

3. Putting it all Together

  • Now all of the tracks should be blended together.
  • If you don’t like the sound, play around with the fade in times or consider a different song (Photo #7).
(Photo #7)

Now…Enjoy The Final Product

You can see why it’s super important to do this in your videos. Without blending the tracks, the music will abruptly stop and sound incredibly awkward for your audience.

Always make¬†sure to follow these steps when you’re blending your music tracks in iMovie!

Got any questions on how to do this or what makes a good “musical blend”?
Let us know in the comments below and for more tips and tricks, check out some of our other blog posts!

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