How to Edit Audio with Keyframes in iMovie (Advanced)

Getting the audio mix at just the right level in iMovie can be a little daunting.

Check out the advanced tutorial below to get a grip on your project’s audio!

(video source: Eric Timmer)


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Got your 4-step checklist?

Great. Now, let’s move on…

Adjusting the Audio Level

The first thing we’re going to do is grab some video footage with sound in it.

You’ll notice that the audio in this video is clipping hard:


First, bring the audio levels out of the yellow and red and down to a more manageable level.


Simply click and drag. You can control the output from 0 to 400%.


Check out iMovie’s ONLY Audio/Video Sync Tool:

Getting More Specific

If there’s a specific section of audio that we want to drop the volume for,  you’ll want to do an option click on the audio’s waveform line. 


This will place a marker for you. I’m going to place four and it’ll look like this: 


These markers only control one little air gate here. They can be dragged from 0% to 400% so you can get really specific with how the audio sounds.


Again, you can control the points here and you can add as many as you want.


You can still fade in and out with the markers while still conserving their value.

Detaching the Audio

You can also achieve a similar effect by detaching the audio. Simply right click or command click and then press “detach audio”.


Now we have a separate piece of audio that’s detached from the video. This is a handy way to control where the audio starts and stops.



Easy enough, right? Let us know if you found this tutorial helpful in the comments below.

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