How to Consolidate Library Media in FCP X for Case Study Interviews

Your business provides a service or product that is, by customer standards, great and easy to work with.

In this post, we’ll break down how to Consolidate the Library Media for your FCP X business case analysis project so no files go missing when your remote edit team opens the project on their computers.

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to package all of your raw files automatically into FCP X for uploading to our Content Creators Lounge editing team OR your personal remote editing team for handling all the detailed post-production work.

Check out the video below to get a visual breakdown of the process:

(Video source: FCPX 10.1 Tutorial – Consolidating Libraries by Dan Allen)

FCP X Consolidation (The Step-by-step Breakdown)

STEP 1: Import all Project Media

This might be an obvious first step, but prior to consolidating your media files, make sure you’ve included all content you want to include into the FCP X project.

Files such as…

  • Unused raw footage that’s sitting in Finder (not yet imported into the project)
  • Motion graphic .mov files (from Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects)
  • Music files, sound effects, and voice over audio files
  • .PNGs/ logos and image files

To get these files into FCP X, follow these steps…

  1. ​Open the FCP X project you are working on.
  2. Import all the media necessary for the edit by going up to [FILE] > [IMPORT…]
    OR use the shortcut [CMD] + [I] OR drag and drop your files from Finder into the FCP X project.

STEP 2: Consolidate Business Case Analysis Media

  1. [RIGHT-CLICK] on the name of the project file in the browser window (in the top-left)
  2. Click [Consolidate Library Media…]

    remote editing fcp x content creators lounge- final cut pro right_click_-_conslidate_library_media-business-case-analysis

STEP 3: Opt-out of “Optimized” and “Proxy” Consolidation

After selecting “Consolidate Library Media”, Final Cut Pro will ask if you would like to include any Proxy media or Optimized media in the consolidation process.

To reduce the project upload time, we recommend NOT checking these boxes.

Optimized and Proxy media are discussed in a previous post.

In general, un-checking these options avoids bloating the project size. Plus, your editor(s) can re-render these files on their computer without losing any important data.

What happens if you include optimized and proxy media?
These files can be massive (and take a long time to render), which will significantly slow down your upload process and the post-production process in general.

To opt-out of optimized and proxy media, follow this step…

  1. Un-check the “Optimized media” & “Proxy media” options.
    Then click [OK

    final cut pro x remote editing consolidate library how to content creators lounge tutorial step by step-for-your-business-case-analysis

STEP 4: Include any Motion Content

  1. If you have any content rendered out from a Motion project: 
    ​[RIGHT-CLICK] on project again and select [Consolidate Motion Content]

    motion_media_consolidation final cut FCP X sharing with remote team content creators lounge tutorial

FCP X will now save a direct copy of all the original files directly into the project file.
Leave Final Cut Pro alone for a few minutes while it consolidates these files.

STEP 5: Uploading the FCP X Project to the Cloud

​Once finished, you can save the project into a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder and share it with the Content Creators Lounge editing team (if you’re one of our customers), or your personal remote video editing team.

Why You Should Use This Workflow

After you and your editing team have synced up to the same FCP X project file, any edits or changes on one computer will automatically update to the cloud, and update everyone’s version of the project file.

Seamless remote editing work at its finest.

Let us know if this workflow has helped you out!

And if you have any questions about consolidating your FCP X library for remote editing, feel free to leave a comment below.

We’re always here to help.

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