Digital Media Advisor

Jon Acosta is a Digital Media Advisor based in Atlanta, GA.

His primary focus is helping companies dominate the competition with smart online marketing strategy.

Acosta has been a digital consultant and mentor for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

Some of his cliental include Apple Inc.Tekla (a Trimble Company), and Elance Inc (now known as “Upwork”).

He is also a frequent course author for Pluralsight; an online technology training platform built for corporate teams.


Experience & Entrepreneurship

Over the last decade, Acosta has orchestrated visual stories in almost every spectrum of the production industry (including industrial, creative, television, etc).

He spent his earlier years interning for a successful post-production studio in Atlanta, GA, teaching Final Cut Pro at Apple Inc. as a certified software trainer, and managing his own production company between Atlanta and San Francisco, California.

Acosta is best known for his two companies (both aiming to simplify the process of in-house business video creation):


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