How to Use YouTube for Business

If you’re stuck asking yourself, “What kind of youtube videos should I make for my business?” we’ve got the answer!

It starts with keyword research using 3 super effective free tools (listed below), and ends with optimizing your meta information once you upload your video to YouTube.

What Kind of Videos Should my Business Make?

Last week we hosted an incredibly deep and actionable Webinar to our Content Creator’s Lounge members about how to answer that incredibly annoying question of what kind of videos you should make for your YouTube channel.


But more importantly, we discussed HOW to stand out in the ever growing black hole that is YouTube and all of its ridiculously trashy, overdone, and embarrassingly created video content.


We thought we’d go ahead and highlight some of the key points made in our YouTube Marketing Strategy webinar. Here the top 5 tips for you to start using IMMEDIATELY.

1) Why Use YouTube For My Business?

This clip explains HOW using YouTube for Video Marketing can TRIPLE your business exposure online.

2) What Kind of YouTube Videos Should I Make? 

This clip tells you EXACTLY how to do industry research so you can make videos that people will actually watch. The secret is to use these 3 simple free tools to get the most out of your industry analysis! Here’s why…

3) How to Find the Right “Meta Keywords”

YouTube recently got rid of the “Keyword Tool”. This clip explains 1 quick tip for an alternative to the keyword tool and mate keywords analyzer. It also explains WHY it’s important to name your videos in order to gain more traffic and grow your business.

4) YouTube Video SEO Done RIGHT 

This clip explains why having a Video Marketing strategy on YouTube can help your SEO and overall website ranking.

Grab a free copy of our “YouTube Video Creator’s Checklist” here!

5) How to TAG My Videos Properly

When you ADD TAGS to your YouTube Video, DO NOT ADD MORE THAN 5!!! Anymore than 5 tags makes it look like you are keyword stuffing your videos.

This is a HUGE misconception that most YouTube creators screw up on when they first start out in video marketing their content.

If you avoid adding a MILLION tags to your videos, Google and YouTube will thank you by ranking you FIRST or SECOND in the search results.

This will organically expand your exposure and grow your business.


Hopefully these quick tips have helped you answer that pesky question “What kind of YouTube videos should I make for my business?”

At the end of the day, you are the only one that can answer that question– but we’re always here to help.


See the Full Webinar Replay Here:








What About You?

Any YouTube video marketing tips you’d like to add to this post? What’s your solution for figuring out what kind of YouTube videos you should make? Feel free to comment below.

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