Shooting Real Estate Listing Videos with a GoPro

Do you think having video setup is very expensive? Let me help you setting up a video setup in a low budget.

Today I am going to walk you through how you can shoot a Real Estate listing video with the help of a GoPro.

Real Estate Videography 101

Despite popular belief it doesn’t take a ton of equipment, extreme amount of technical knowledge, or a team of cinematographers and editors to get started in video production.


GoPros go for as little as $299 and can be purchased quite easily. The most significant benefit is that they’re small, very handy, rugged and their video quality is great.

What exactly do you need?

In addition to a camera, you’re also going to need a sound recorder. You might be wondering WHY?
This is because the in camera sound is not as awesome as it should be.
The Zoom H1 recorder is a better choice. You can get it around $99.
Even some pricey DSLRs also have this drawback. Anyway, forget this and get a sound recorder.02-zoom-h1-real-estate-audio-capture

You could also use that as your primary mic but I suggest pairing it with a decent shotgun mic like the RODE VideoMic.


Or, in this case, I used a Sennheiser Shotgun. You can also use this one:



A decent shotgun mic will probably cost you about $200. Toss in a tripod, a boom stand
to hold your mic and there you have it, a full video setup within your budget.

Alright, what’s next…

Now the only thing you need is a listing. The setup to shoot your dialog is fairly straightforward.
On the GoPro, I set the field of view to narrow. I then lined up the shot making sure I wasn’t shooting directly into the sun.


Next, using the boom stand, get the mic as close to you as possible without getting it in the frame.
Hit record on your GoPro and sound recorder, run over to your spot and start talking.


Pro tips for the “GoPro Realtor”

While shooting inside, I set the field of view on the GoPro to medium.


It helps minimize the fish eye effect but it’s still wide enough to capture the entire room. Here’s an example:


I did find it necessary to set the white balance in order to get rid of the yellow cast by the soft white bulbs.

To do that go to the settings menu.


Select Capture Settings.


Choose White Balance here.


Now a question arises here. If this GoPro is that much great, am I going to replace my 5D with a GoPro?

The answer is NO. Because there are numerous shortcomings to shooting with the GoPro like the lack of
manual controls and the need for an insane amount of light.

Action steps for real estate agents

Guys, if you’re just starting out in video, a GoPro will take you where you need to go until it’s time to graduate.
It’s just like riding a bike, you started out with training wheels until it was time to get on a bicycle and then a real bike, and then you’re like “wow this is easy…”.

Go get out there and shoot some video. Please share YOUR experience with us. If you have any queries regarding anything
explained here in this article, please drop a comment below. I would love to help you out.

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