Quick Tip for Solar Installation Inbound Marketing

Are you finding it difficult to achieve marketing goals for your Solar Installation Company? Well this problem isn’t going to be there anymore.

Today I’m going to teach you a real quick tip to increase your inbound marketing efforts for your solar installation company.

You can use this tip to increase the outcome of your hard work you put in advertising your company.

Watch this video and have a better understanding of what I’m saying here:

(Video Source: Quick Tip for Solar Installation Inbound Marketing)

Lead Generation


The tip I’m going to talk about is called “Lead Generation.” You might already know that as a company you need to be generating leads on your website. Before I teach you how you can this, I want to show you how NOT to do it.

Example of Bad Lead Generation

I’m currently on this prosolarteam.com website. I went in as a potential customer. Now that I’m here, this is where the huge mistake comes in that most all solar companies are doing, probably including yours. That is asking for just entirely too much information upfront.


This sort of form right here feels more like I’m trying to open a bank account than I am actually just trying to get a quote for solar system. Rather than going through all of that process to extract all of my personal information and bother me until I buy, why don’t we go about this a different way, where we can put the consumer in the driver’s seat.

A Good Approach

To give you a good example of that, I’m going to go to this page here:


This is the Georgia Power page. I was surprised to see that an actual utility company was doing this the right way. Let me show you what they’ve done. They have a form that says, “Is solar right for you?” In order to find out, I can click Start Here.

What happens is they don’t approach me with a massive form to fill out. They actually approach me with a questionnaire. Question One: Do you own your own home? Very simple yes or no, black and white answer.


Let me just explain why this works from the consumer’s perspective. Now as the user is going through this form with very simple Yes or No or Not Sure answers, you as a company, are able to collect this data in the background.

Even if I don’t purchase or even if I don’t put my information at the end of the form, you as the company and your inbound marketing have the ability to see what those consumers are answering, and therefore giving you a much better idea of who’s actually coming to your website.

Simpler forms – Advantages


So as a result, you can begin to tailor your website, maybe even your services to what they’re looking for.

Making your customer “excited”

Now at the very end of this form it actually gives the consumer the potential amount of annual savings that they could save on their electric bill. That is absolutely brilliant. Because this information will really excite your consumer and potential customer by seeing what they can actually SAVE.


By clicking the next button they can hit continue, and suddenly this form comes out.


At this point, the consumer is already excited because they really want to know more about saving money on their electric bill. But notice something incredibly important here. They’re NOT asking for all that other information like what is your home address and what is your email, your phone number, and then your first and last name. NO, they’re only asking for very simple information: the name, the email, and if they have Georgia Power account – that’s it.


Keep these three points in mind while approaching “lead generation” technique:


Alright guys, that’s it for now. Feel free to drop a comment below. I would love to hear your experience about the super-cool marketing techniques you use for your business.


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