Creating Tons of Content Got You Down?

As a fellow content creator, I know that feeling we all get from time to time…

But instead of dwelling over the painful reality of churning out creative content at all times, why don’t we take a break and do something different?

Why don’t you let me kick you in the teeth real quick and see how it feels?

You know… Fight Club Style.

Ready? Here we go…
(Trust me on this one… keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.)


Words of Motivation From a Content Creator

Stop right here.

Get out of your chair.

Go to the mirror and take a good hard look at yourself.


That’s right. I said it.

Now I want you to do the same…


Say it.


Feels good, doesn’t it?
Cool. But even though you just did this, you still don’t believe yourself.


Let’s Fix That…

Check your pulse, good sir, because as far as we’re both concerned:

  • You are still alive
  • You are still breathing,
  • You are still entirely functional enough to be that somebody that you’ve always wanted to be.


Shut Up. I’m Not Finished

Tomorrow might be a different story, but right now… RIGHT NOW:

  • You’re breathing,
  • You’re (over) thinking,
  • And you’re probably wondering why the hell you’re still reading such an offensive article of internet wisdom.


I’ll Tell You Why:

  • It’s because that “significant other” that actually means absolutely nothing to you deep down inside is calling.
    And you’re trying to think of excuses as to why you can’t hang out with them.
  • It’s because your deadbeat 9 to 5 job has you so worn out everyday that by the time you get home, there’s no energy left to do anything with yourself.
    So instead, you just watch TV, scan the internets aimlessly, and troll Facebook to make sure your friends AREN’T doing anything cooler than you.
  • It’s because you have student loans piled up so high that you can’t fathom NOT having a job to pay them back.
  • It’s because that 30 year fixed interest rate mortgage of a booklet that you signed is keeping you settled in a place that you really can’t stand.
  • It’s because you secretly wish you could just pack one bag with 20 of your most valuable items in your room and get the hell out of town.
    Like, yesterday.


I Could Keep Going… But Instead…

I’ll empathize with you… I know how it feels.

I was once there too.

I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN TO YOU how hard I was once there too…

But here’s the thing…

  • You ARE still breathing.
  • You ARE still living.
  • And you most certainly ARE still fantasizing about being a better you.

So ask yourself this…
Why not just move forward?

Why not just do what we both know you secretly want to do and move forward with your life?




Okay… I’ll stop yelling.

Here are some suggestions…

It Can Be Something As Simple As:

  • Asking that girl at the coffee shop for her number because she’s too damn beautiful to put on the “What If” list.
  • Quitting your job so that you can light a fire under your own ass that we both know you’ll survive.
    (even if it leaves a few burn marks on your metaphorical cheeks)

This is how you get the ball rolling to a better you.

This is how you make productive changes.

Small goals are what you’re aiming for here. They lead to MONUMENTAL changes.


The “Human Experience” Paradox

One thing that completely confuses me about the human psyche is our ability to cope with an endless amount of crap.

How, as the most intelligent beings on the face of this planet, do most of us end up engaging in things that we absolutely HATE SO MUCH??? 

Yet, we still pretend like these things don’t bother us…

Like everything is just flippin’ fine…

Like we’re aye-oh-fucking-kay all the time.


I’m not going to give you a “well here’s why!” type of answer… because I haven’t figured it out myself either.

But what I HAVE figured out is how to be happy in such a twisted world that we tend to “accidentally” succumb to, always.


The Secret Is This… Stop Settling

Yeah… that’s about it.

Step 1 to ANYTHING that will ever make you happy is to STOP SETTLING. 

Even when you want something SO BAD…

But instead, Life decides to smack you with it’s big hard erection straight across the face.
(and please note that “Life” is erect because the thought of you failing gets it off.)


A Penis Smack Down Always Makes A Sudden Victory THAT Much Sweeter…

Think about it.

As a child, you didn’t know how to walk.

In fact, if you were actually able of form solid memories back then, you would probably remember how incredibly impossible walking would have been.

Your legs still felt like jello being pulled through a pool of wet play-doh.

How in the HELL does your mom expect you to WALK?!!

But you kept going.



This is the mindset that you need to revert to.


Yes, Life Is Scary

Yes, you could die tomorrow by ped-xing your ass across the street.
A semi-truck comes out of nowhere and squishes your entire body under 10-tons of rubber.

You die. Life doesn’t skip a beat.

Yes, apparently you could have your face eaten off by a random Zombie-like homeless man in the streets of Miami.

You get disfigured. Life doesn’t skip a beat.

and YES, you very well could catch a flesh eating disease that would destroy you from the inside out without warning.

You lose your limbs…

…you get the picture.


Cool. Now Go Do It.

Fuck everything else.

Ditch the ones who doubt you.

Dearly hold onto the ones that believe in you.

The rest is whatever.


Hopefully these words of motivation from a content creator like myself can resonate with you.

Please leave a comment below to let me know how you deal with motivation-less moments as a content creator.


Truthfully, I know it’s hard out there.

And often times, you can feel like a slave to your own talent or craft.

Just get up, dust off the B.S., drop the everything that don’t deserve you, and evaluate what you REALLY want out of this life.

If you ever need anymore encouragement, please feel free to reach out to me.

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