Freshbooks Pricing Plans for Freelancers


In this quick Hangout, I discuss Freshbooks Pricing Plans, how much it really costs to use this killer invoice platform, and how you can use Fresh Books 100% Free while you grow your business! 

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What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting software that lets you take control of invoicing as a Freelancer by recording time tracking and hours for your video editing, graphic design, or any other type of business as a contracted freelancing “solopreneur”.

Check out the video below to see how Freshbooks can transform the way you do business:

This invoicing platform is also great because it integrates your Paypal account (which makes getting paid SOOO much easier)

This is the MOST beneficial thing you can do as a solo startup who is paid hourly and needs a really great way to track your hours and get paid faster. 

Freshbooks Pricing Plan Model?

All Fresh book Plans are FREE for 30 days, but using the URL provided and the trick in the video, you’re able to keep your account free post- 30 days as long as you have 3 clients in the accounting system.

Get your Freshbooks Free for life plan here: