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What is the “Content Creator’s Lounge”?

The Content Creator’s Lounge (CCL) was originally developed as a resource for visual storytellers and digital marketers to:

“Learn how to create amazing videos that people will actually watch.”


CCL’s founder, Jon Acosta, has been in the video production industry for over 11 years. He strongly believes (given the proper guidance) anyone can shoot video.

The true magic happens in the editing. Always.

As camera technology progressed, Acosta soon realized how much easier (and cost effective) it would be for his clients to shoot their video content “in-house” using smartphones and consumer-grade cameras.


In Q2 of 2016, Acosta made the bold move to merge his video production company with CCL’s video education platform.

Now his team could solely focus on editing and educating their customers with video.


The end result was a newly crafted product: The CCL Unlimited Editing Service


CCL’s Mission & Objective:

We know how important video marketing and social content is for your brand.

Unfortunately, video content creation has a STEEP learning curve. 

CCL’s Core Objective:
To provide you with a reliable video editing team that handles at least 95% of your video creation needs.

All for one monthly price.


SIDE BONUS: Our customers also get exclusive access to our video production training portal.

This gives your team an unfair advantage to set up an “in-house studio” for on-demand video creation.



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Training Resources
To Create “Next Level” Branded Videos

Video Marketing and Content Creation is hard stuff.

The Content Creator’s Lounge is here to make sure you win the “branded video marketing” game.

When you sign up for our CCL Unlimited Editing Membership, you get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to original “How-To” video training resources & workflows.

This library of tutorials gives you step-by-step processes for capturing your digital content in the best way possible.

We give you these resources to ensures your captured content meets our video quality standards. (aka- we like to make sure you look good).


Here’s a small list of those tutorials:

  • “Screen Casting” How-To’s & Best Practices
  • Video Production Workflow for Optimal Results
  • Recording with Confidence & Creativity
  • Guide to Pre-Production & Script Writing
  • Vodcasting 101
  • Audio Podcasting (audio recording) 101
  • And many more…

Our EXCLUSIVE ON-DEMAND library of video tutorial grows every month.

As a member of the Content Creator’s Lounge, you have 100% access to all of these video tutorials whenever you need them.

Learn From The Best Content Creators

CCL’s internal training platform is a community-driven environment.

This means you get to speak to fellow digital marketers, videographers, content creators, and production industry professionals.

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About Content Creator’s Lounge (CCL)

CCL is an Unlimited Video Editing Membership. Our service helps businesses and personal brands leverage the power of video marketing.

CCL customers also gain EXCLUSIVE access to a our online video training portal.

This e-learning portal provides step-by-step video training courses to help our customers capture engaging  & cost-effective branded video content.


Why Join CCL?

  • Share & Learn From Other Successful video creators in our Exclusive Online Community
  • Download Checklists, Templates, and Cheat Sheets
  • Get video production feedback notes & questions answered from our Internal Editing Team.
  • Access to Member’s Only Resource Webinars